Abhra Inc.

Abhra is a 360 degree cloud services and solutions company that helps customers realize total value from their cloud investments. It provides end-to-end services and solutions for cloud programs which include cloud consulting, SaaS engineering, SaaS implementation, cloud quality & testing, and value management. The company’s SaaS engineering DNA has enabled it to develop multiple products and platforms for healthcare, retail, manufacturing and ISVs. Through this unique strength, Abhra continuously leverages and extends industry leading SaaS platforms to automate business processes and enterprise services for its global customers. The company’s relationship and delivery models are tailored to cloud Initiatives through freemium engagement model, pay for use & performance, platform accelerators, and MEGHA 1.0 resulting in predictable cost & outcomes and quicker time to market association

AbhraInc is an institutional member with HA and is represented by – 1) Sridhar Srigiri and 2) KarthikBasava

Sridhar Srigiri:

A detail oriented professional, Sridhar, controls the overall operations, finance, legal and HR for the company. With over 20 years of industry experience working with both large and small IT services companies. Sridhar has also been a serial entrepreneur and built successful businesses in India before moving to the US. He built the ground operation for Abhra to enable global scalability, flexibility and agility. He spearheads the effort to establish sound HR policies to attract, retain and create a growth path for high performers in the Company.

Sridhar has a degree in Computer Science Engineering from Gulbarga University


As VP of Cloud Platforms & Solutions, Karthik heads the operations and management of Abhra’sCoE’s on the cloud platforms ServiceNow&SigmaCloud

Karthik holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from IIM Indore & a bachelor’s degree in Technology from JNTU