Fracktal WorksFracktal Works

Fracktal Works was started out of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal by Vijay Varada and RohitAsil while they were still in college. Ever since, they built a strong tech team that delivered multiple versions of FDM 3D Printers and worked with industry giants such as L&T, Cisco, Loreal etc. Their 3D Printers helped customers build a plethora of applications from prototypes to actual functional production parts in Engineering industries and even surgical planning models across medical industry in the country. One of the Fracktals digital products Fractory, uses learning algorithms to analyze manufacturability, build instant quotations and lead times for every part that is uploaded by the user and delivers repeatable results thus making once a tedious process now a breeze.

Fractory delivers single to low volume manufacturing capability to its customers leveraging on a strong digital manufacturing back-end. The company is currently working with manufacturing giants across industry verticals, researching and developing disruptive applications that would give game-changing advantage for those that implement them.

Founded: 2013

Partnered: 2017

Founders: Vijay RaghavVarada, AsilRohit