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Based out of Hyderabad, Fountainhead Foods Pvt Ltd, the company behind Health Sutra, was founded by Sai Krishna Popuri, an IIT Delhi Alumnus. After working for 6 years, Popuri chose to return to his roots, having grown up in Narsaraopet of Guntur district, with farmers and agriculture being an integral part of his childhood and founded the company in July 2013.

The company manufactures and markets healthy food products and offers nutritional goodness of climate smart millet grains such as Jowar, Bajra and Ragi in a tasty, convenient way: Ready-to- Cook mini-meals as well as Ready-to- Eat snacks. These products are gluten free, free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, and have resonated well with the target audience. Part of the reason for their popularity is that these products have reimagined traditional food in an interesting way e.g. Jowar pops, popped and naturally flavoured jowar grains, are a delicious and guilt-free way to satiate 4 o’clock hunger pangs.

Currently, Health Sutra products are available in over 600 stores in and around Hyderabad.

Founded: 2013

Partnered: 2017

Founders: Sai Krishna popuri – N V Maheedhar