Innovapptive is an enterprise mobile software company which provides software and technology that instantly connects people, processes and assets and improves employee productivity, operational efficiency and asset life. It provides highly configurable cloud based portfolio of mobile and platform agnostic across all the major mobile OS and caters to various industries such as Oil & Gas, Utilities, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, Retail, and Manufacturing etc. They are a 2015 SAP Pinnacle Award winner, a 2014 SAP Pinnacle Award finalist, and a 2014 SAP Mobile App challenge winner. Innovapptive is focused on enabling instant mobilization for global 2,000 customers, by accelerating their time to market and value. Innovapptive helps customers achieve instant mobilization through one of the world’s largest portfolios of mobile apps on SAP store, which can run both on native operating systems and SAP Fiori. Innovapptive’s portfolio of mobile apps is complemented by proprietary technology to allow limitless customizations through simple configurations. By leveraging these mobile solutions and technology, along with a cloud-based enterprise-branded app store and a configurable app wrapper security tool set, several of the world’s largest customers have instantly mobilized their enterprises in as few as four to six weeks.

Founded: 2012

Partnered: 2016

Founders: Sundeep Vijay Ravande - Hari Kamineni