Ram Chaitanya Reddy G - Chairman

G Ram Chaitanya Reddy has been an entrepreneur with zeal to do something unique, a pioneer of sorts. He is a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s in Business administration. Post Master’s, he dove straight into aqua culture along the Nellore coastline in Andhra Pradesh. As a Managing partner in Chaitanya Construction Company, he was involved in several infrastructure projects. After an unsuccessful stint to set up a Furfural plant (in JV with an Italian pioneer) in Hyderabad, he founded CST Limited.

CSTL was involved in the manufacture of welded stainless steel & titanium tubes meant for use in thermal & nuclear power plants of 500 MW and above. Back in 1996, CST was the 4th plant in the world with this capability. It had state of the art welding lines, unheard off in India at that time. In the year 2006, CST entered into a JV with Vallorec, a CAC 40 global giant headquartered in France. Vallourecs' division Valtimet controlled 50% of the welded tubing business globally, meant for use in Nuclear & thermal power plants. Vallourec chose CST Limited rather than set up a venture in India, as CST systems & quality approach were in line with Valtimets’ quality philosophy. From 2006, GRC Reddy was the vice chairman of CST Valinox Limited and was advising Valtimet on marketing strategies. This association with Valtimet enhanced GRC Reddys’ global perspective regarding business practices across the world.

GRC Reddy is also actively involved in an NGO called Hyderabad Round Table -8 & in Project 511.

He has always attempted to do things that few have ventured into. In other words, out of the box business models. He helps analyze and evaluate business ideas and guides entrepreneurs to address areas that they otherwise would not have perceived.  

Area of expertise

Capital Markets, Precision Engineering, Project Management

What I look for in founders and companies before investing

Willingness to listen, accept, recognize & adapt.

Area of Interest

AI, machine learning, Fintech, Medical Devices, Water, materials & high tech