Realbox is a data analytics startup helping businesses utilize the power of data. It’s a google analytics for offline businesses. With proprietary technology, it connect to the business and generate real time actionable insight for the management to evaluate. The solution is built along the lines of providing cues for smart decision making and thereby recognize the actionable data points and help business grow in real time.

Realbox have delivered the solution to brands such as PVR, Oh So Stoned, Adidas, Levis and Affinity Salons to name a few and helped them enhance guest experiences. Their forte is their flagship product “Pulse”, a real-time data dashboard that combines big data (a cloud-based analytics engine) with business intelligence and predictive analysis and helps businesses mitigate risk, device strategies and enable quick decision making thereby driving sales.

It helps in combining offline and online metrics with real-time data analytics and connecting this data back to create user experience. The best part is, Realbox is being covered by Microsoft for innovation to achieve this breakthrough in technology. Also, Its been rated amongst India's Top 30 technology startups by YourStory and Top 10 Emerging Data Analytics Startups by Analytics India Magazine.

Founded: 2015

Partnered: 2016

Founders: Saurabh Verma - Arjun Verma - Preksha Kaparwan