Skillenza is a platform where enterprises host challenges, evaluate professionals and hire them.

Skillenza CEO, Subhendu Panigarhi, aka “Chalta-Firta LinkedIn”, believes in disrupting the traditional hiring experience and igniting the fire in professionals to elevate their careers to greater heights. Skillenza offers accelerated hiring, a quick and steady solution to all the hiring problems. The platform is used to attract and challenge the brightest minds with competitive activities like Hackathons, Data Science Challenges, Competitive Programming, Tech Hiring, Non-tech hiring and more.

The primary Skillenza platform features are Massive library of problem statements, On-platform code editor, Easy to use UI, Auto-Evaluator, Customisable reporting, Leaderboard and Access to code scripts. With a community of active users over 500,000, Skillenza ensures that every activity on the platform is successful.

Founded: 2013

Partnered: 2019

Founder: Subhendu Panigarhi