StanPlus is a smart medical response company that enables healthcare providers and corporates to provide emergency response through our smart fleet of amulances and tech stack.

Founded by three INSEAD grads from India, Costa Rica, and France, StanPlus is building India’s largest and most trusted brand for medical response. The company’s state-of-the art in-house technology, paired with on-the-ground experience from a senior operations team and key medical partnerships make StanPlus a trusted brand for consumers, hospitals and corporates.

StanPlus enhances and tech enables all stages of a medical response event (including Triaging, Medical Transportation, and ER Care) through its line of products: StanCOMMAND (24x7 Centralized, Computer Aided Command and Control), CAMO (Full Ambulance and Bay management solution for hospitals), as well as it's on-demand service for individuals through our apps, calls or APIs.

We have transported over 40k patients in the first 2 years of operation, including high complexity cases like neonatal and late-stage emergency air ambulance cases.

Founded: 2016

Partnered: 2018

Founders: Prabhdeep Singh, Antoine Poirson, Jose Leon