Venkat Bundla

A B. Pharm (Hons) and MBA , Venkat Kamalakar Bundla has an industry standing of over 27 years comprising of extensive and diverse experiences (consulting, operations & general management). Venkat has demonstrated success in leadership roles and in leading and supporting Business, R&D & operational arms of several large & diverse Pharmaceutical and Biotech

companies, with increasingly progressive global mandates. Following these successful stints, Venkat co-founded in 2007 GARPHI BIOSCIENCES PVT. LTD – A multi-disciplinary consultancy that specializes in the facilitation of Licensing, Tech-transfer, Contract R&D & Business Advisory services to Pharmaceutical & Biotech companies In India & overseas.
Garphi is a multi-disciplinary Pharmaceutical and Biotech consultancy and is active in the facilitation of: Licensing – In & Out of products & technologies; Business Development, Technical & Business Advisory services including facilitation of JVs & M&A deals amongst others. I would encourage you & your team to please visit our website ( ) to know more in-depth about “Team Garphi” & our work during the last 8 plus years. Unfortunately due to confidentiality & other client sensitivities we are not at liberty to talk on many of our projects….Nevertheless, it still offers a good insight on what all can be achieved!! Garphi has extensive cross border linkages (partners in various parts of the world)…..Garphi advises a number of established & emerging companies in Europe, US, India & Asia. Garphi also supports PE funds & investment firms on various fronts.

Widely networked and travelled to 80 plus countries, Venkat brings to the table, a strong techno-commercial and operational expertise which is of immense value in deal-making. He has had extensive experience of being on both sides of the negotiation table in several multi- million dollar global deals during this millennium. Venkat is also the board member & advisor for a number of Life Science companies.