Sudheer Gaddam

Sudheer, a serial entrepreneur, founded Sudhi Infomatics in year 2008 and managed its growth through the last decade. With over two decades of experience in information technology, engineering and computer aided design, Sudheer orchestrated the strategy for Sudhi Infomatics, which resulted in the global organization with headquarters in Westerville Ohio and streamlined processes.

Sudheer gained his management experience working ground up in multiple organizations over the last two decades. Prior to taking up the reins of Sudhi Infomatics’s management, Sudheer founded and established Neumeric Technologies in 2002 while working and architecting the lean engineering software system called ADVMS for General Motors, which was globally, used in General Motors. Sudheer built an information technology department in Quantum Consultants, which was an engineering services company before he joined them. Sudheer’s exposure and experience providing consulting services at Caterpillar Corporation and CadVision Engineers, enabled him to be successful in working with the leaders in information technology and engineering.

Sudheer holds a master's degree in engineering from Oklahoma state university. Prior to that, Sudheer is an engineering graduate from Osmania University in India. A staunch believer in vedic philosophy and contemporary science, Sudheer believes in continuous learning and ever growing to new heights to have more positive influence in the community and society

Areas of Interest
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • IoT Technologies
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Healthcare Advancements