Investors in Hyderabad

We are a network of leading entrepreneurs who have successfully built and run enterprises across several domains and industries and are keen to invest in the new age businesses having the potential to create value for mankind. Our extensive outreach provides our angels with opportunity to meet and invest in great and investment ready businesses.

Types of Membership


  • A company can nominate up to two people as its representatives, who would be attending the pitch sessions by HA. However, only one of the two nominees is allowed to attend a session at a given point of time.
  • Investments made by the institutional members would either be in the name of the institution they represent or in the name of the majority shareholder of that institution.
  • Venture Capitals, Private Equity firms, Companies/Institution etc. can be Institutional investors of HA.


  • Persons wishing to invest in some start-ups within their individual capacity can opt for Individual Membership with HA.
  • Individuals can also invest in the name of their immediate dependents or in the name of the company in which they are a majority shareholder.
  • Investment under individual membership cannot be done in the name of any other person, who is not an immediate dependent, or corporate body in which the member is not a majority shareholder.

Institutional Investors

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