Foxsense Innovations

Foxsense Innovations – Incorporated in March 28th 2019, Foxsense Innovations is a technology
consulting firm that helps manage end to end technology for clients across the globe. Foxsense
specializes in building tailored software solutions for clients. With teams spread across the
world, Foxsense caters to clients across every time zone in the world. Foxsense has been
constantly growing 2X year on year and is now focussed on building technology products and
solutions that can solve niche technology problems in global markets.

Ramanuja Naidu Gorle,  – CEO & Co-founder of Foxsense Innovations.
Ramanuja runs Foxsense Innovations with over 70 employees across USA, UAE, and India. Ramanuja worked
at Goldman Sachs for over 5 years in enterprise technology and business teams. With clients
across the globe, Foxsense has been growing 2X year on year under his leadership. Ramanuja
used to play tennis professionally but now spends time on the court over weekends and
holidays. Currently, Ramanuja is a resident of Hyderabad.

Ramprasath Balakrishnan, – CTO & Co-founder of Foxsense Innovations.
Ramprasath runs technology at Foxsense Innovations with over 50 engineers across USA, UAE, and India.
Having worked at Goldman Sachs for over 4 years, Ramprasath has always been a hands-on
technologist with avid knowledge of technology advancements. Ramprasath is a biking
enthusiast and has gone on several long rides across the country. Ramprasath lives in
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Seattle, Washington.

Vijay Shourya Proddhutur,  – CEO, Founder of Accelerize 360 and Co-founder of Foxsense
Vijay runs two technology consulting firms based out of the USA, Canada, UAE
and India with over 200+ employees across all these locations. Vijay is a serial entrepreneur
and has featured on the most promising CEOs Forbes 35 under 35 list. Vijay is also currently
serving as an advisor on the financial services committee for Salesforce. Vijay loves to play
sports when he has time off work. Currently, Vijay is a resident of Dallas, Texas.