Kalyan Srinivas


Kalyan Srinivas is an accomplished IT Enterprise Architect and Senior Technical Manager with an impressive 25-year tenure in the software IT industry. His professional journey reflects a robust blend of technical expertise and leadership prowess, honed through experience in global settings. Holding degrees from prestigious institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and certification from Harvard Business School, Kalyan brings a formidable skill set to the table.

His core competency lies in driving digital transformation initiatives and enhancing productivity across various industries, including technology, finance, home services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. With a keen focus on Generative AI, Digital Transformation, and Enterprise Architecture, Kalyan has garnered acclaim for his ability to navigate complex landscapes and deliver tangible results.

Throughout his career, Kalyan has demonstrated proficiency in optimizing technology utilization for efficiency, profitability, and security. He has a proven track record of implementing new systems and infrastructure while ensuring seamless integration with existing frameworks. Kalyan’s leadership style is characterized by its high-impact nature, marked by a history of identifying and developing IT solutions that align with corporate objectives and enhance business operations.

Kalyan Srinivas stands out as a seasoned professional with a stellar reputation for driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and delivering transformative IT solutions that drive business success.