Suresh Challa

Director at SSPDL Ltd., Hyderabad & Chennai

Founder at PersonalMD / Neotrax, Pleasanton, CA
Director, Business Development at Visigenic Software, Inc., San Mateo, CA
Co-Founder: PostModern Computing Technologies Inc., Palo Alto, CA
Co-Founder: Fortune Biotech Ltd., Hyderabad
Co-Founder: Asian Coffee Ltd., Hyderabad
Process Engineer, National Semiconductor Inc., Santa Clara, CA

Currently, Director at SSPDL Ltd., an infra company with projects in Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Formerly was founder at PersonalIMD/ Neotrax & Director, Business Development at Visigenic Software,Inc., co-founder at PostModern Computing. Currently, Vice President, TiE Hyderabad, he is also President, EPICS India – A non profit for organization focused on promoting initiatives in health care and education.


Infra Development, IT Products, Manufacturing

Areas Of Expertise

Building & Growing Companies


MS in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Austin (1982-84); B-Tech Mechanical Engineering, JNTU, Hyderabad (1982)