Manjunath Y

Manjunath is a senior executive with extensive experience running large P&L organizations in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. He has spent a considerable part of his career managing existing business, building new business, setting up new markets and establishing new lines of business. He has also led large global IT/BPO teams partnering with several Fortune 500 organizations in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, Insurance, Retail and Financial Services industries in India, US and Canada. He  believes in growing business through value-based partnerships and has established several long term win-win partnerships all through. In his current role, Manjunath heads the Healthcare business of a global HLS Solutions organization and is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Products and Operations. In this entrepreneurial role, he drives the expansion of business through new market entries, expansion of offerings and M&A. Prior to this, Manjunath led a regional organization of the Healthcare Business at Infosys responsible for acquiring several marquee clients and establishment of the Infosys PBM (Pharmacy Business Management) business. He speaks at various Healthcare conferences in the US on industry topics. He is an active investor in startups and quality real estate opportunities.

Manjunath holds a B. Tech degree from National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India and a Master’s Certificate in Healthcare Leadership from Cornell University.

Manjunath is originally from Bengaluru and now lives in Minneapolis in the US with his wife and two daughters. He enjoys traveling with his family, following world affairs and occasionally playing golf during his leisure. He is also active in the local Healthcare startup group in Minneapolis.

Area of expertise
Market Development, Business Planning, Sales, M&A, P&L, Program Management across Healthcare, Life Sciences and Information Technology industries

What I look for in founders and companies before investing
Belief in their products/services, a strong purpose/reason behind the idea (beyond money), 100% commitment to the startup (as against juggling multiple ventures)

Area of Interest
Healthcare, Life Sciences, Services, Technology, Retail

Investments till date
An Analytics startup, A Services company, 2 early stage public technology companies, real estate projects

Fun facts
Manjunath enjoys experimenting with cooking and “inventing” new recipes