Neetika Maheshwari

Neetika Maheshwari, CA and CPA is the founder of Accelero Corporation, a technology accounting and international taxation firm based out of Bay Area, California. Neetika has in depth understanding of various technical and corporate structuring issues typically faced by tech savvy organizations. Having worked closely with VCs, law firms and bringing more than 15 years of experiences, Accelero has developed an expertise to face new challenges and opportunities in changing finance and tax scenario. Having worked with more than 650 startups world wide and large corporations with multi country branches, Neetika guides the management on the best practices in finance data handling and analytics.

Neetika has been providing tax guidance and services to HNIs, Corporates and complex situations involving cross border transactions.

About Accelero:
Accelero is a 7+ year young boutique firm based out of California for worldwide startups providing accounting, finance, tax, compliance, due diligence, and legal services. It helps startups accelerate and be a partner right from the inception to the exit stage. The company has offices in the USA, India, and Singapore. They have built a bridge between entrepreneurs, investors, govt agencies, and work very closely with incubators from different countries.