S Holydhar Reddy

CEO Sphoorthy Engineering College

With a schooling background in Ooty and an MBA in International Business from the prestigious Institute of Public Enterprise, Hyderabad. Holydhar harbors a deep-seated passion for education, innovation, research, and development.

Having successfully accumulated two and a half years of experience at Sphoorthy Engineering College, a UGC Autonomous institution with NAAC ‘A’ accreditation in Hyderabad, his journey has taken on various roles, culminating in his present position as the CEO of the college. Throughout his career, his unwavering focus has been on entrepreneurship and associated innovations.

Notably, Sphoorthy Engineering College stands as a pioneer in Telangana, securing a substantial funding of Rs. 3.5 crores from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, for the NewGen IEDC Centre. This initiative involves undertaking 85 projects (ideas) over a five-year span, with funding of Rs. 15 lakhs received from the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad under MSME.

Recognizing the pivotal role played by innovation-based entrepreneurs in driving economic growth worldwide, Holydhar emphasizes that while these entrepreneurs may come from diverse backgrounds, they share common traits, motives, and competencies. The success of innovative entrepreneurs hinges not only on their individual characteristics but also on the collaborative efforts of those they work with.

His unwavering dedication centers on propelling emerging tech talents to compete on the global stage, with the overarching goal of positioning India at the forefront of technological advancements through an enduring commitment to innovation.

His primary focus areas revolve around edtech and fintech, owing to the immense potential and talent present in the Indian market.