Naveen Bhagam

A serial entrepreneur, Sudheer Gaddam began his journey early in his engineering, ultimately opening a number of ventures from Quiznos to a successful healthcare solution company in 2012. Highly invested in Technology with extensive contributions in healthcare, fintech, travel & automotive, cryptocurrency and agro-technology. Architected and implemented a Lean Engineering System for one of the largest automotive OEM, General Motors.
Sudheer is an active investor and advisor while being instrumental in transforming and deploying technology-based solutions. An optimist at heart, Sudheer is always looking for better ways to solve problems using technology. Deploying technology to help optimizing healthcare solutions to make them accessible, sustainable, connected and expandable.
Gained management experience working ground up in multiple organization over the last two decades. A staunch believer in spirituality and philanthropy, along with continuous learning is a supporter of socially conscious ventures; and is ever growing to new heights to have more positive influence in the community and society.